Phillip & Laura’s Las Vegas Strip Wedding

• Wedding Pre-Ceremony and Ceremony at Planet Hollywood
• Dining at Hard Rock Cafe
• Reception at Planet Hollywood Suite

I never, ever expected the groom to have tattoos. Yes, that’s my intro line. He was friendly, easy-going and level-headed from my impression. Never once did it occur to me that his sleeves would be hiding sleeves of ink. The other surprise, and the most impressive and funny speech I’ve ever seen, was the carefully designed video of the best man as a newscaster with various video clips from family and friends across the pond and elsewhere, plus a best-man-played-both-parts parody of the bride and groom’s “first date.” That all said, it was great to work with and meet Phillip & Laura, both looking great in their suit and princess-style dress with matching converse shoes. I enjoyed the venue selections (especially the Hard Rock Cafe), I got to see a new kind of cheesecake involving oreo cookies, and I got to share in the enjoyment and laughter of their wedding day. Thank you!