Dan & Jackie’s at Palazzo and Oscar’s

• Getting Ready and First Look Photos at Palazzo Resort
• Reception Photography at Oscar’s, inside the Plaza Resort on Fremont Street

My second full wedding in 2016, everything still feels fresh at this point in the year. Very fun group, lots of energy and enthusiasm 🙂 Some in the party bus kept asking if they were the wildest group I had ever met, but I had to admit they were not (I’ve seen things during a few weddings that some people can’t imagine ever seeing in person). Having fun is actually a pretty normal thing on a wedding day, though some definitely like to have fun in a more energetic way than others. The reception was at Oscar’s, an excellent steak house inside the Plaza. great ambiance and nice, classy layout in the private dining area. During the toasts, the groom was presented by the father of the bride with a special personalized mug, a very novel idea…and he had etched the groom’s first name over the bride’s last name, quite on purpose, in the base of the mug. Thank you both for having me as your wedding photographer!