Claire & Michael – March 25, 2009 – Engagement Photography in Las Vegas

The couple was wonderful to work with. I really had so little to do with how these shots came out; it was 95% their excellent chemistry and the other 5% was me trying to catch it. I would suggest or give direction, and they would add their own personal touches. There were almost no bad shots to be had with them, and if I only got the right angle then it would be a great image. This was one of my most favorite shoots to date. We spent half the time at Caesar’s Palace and the other half at the Venetian. He changed shirts between shoots, and I found out at the end of the session that they were going to have their wedding right afterward.

Completely experimental, just trying to see what I could do with the available overhead light.

More of the same experimenting with available overhead light and a wall.

Another shot using that overhead light and wall.

My first red wall! Finally found one in Vegas.