Amy & Steve – March 6, 2009 – Wedding Photography in Las Vegas

This was another post-wedding and reception only shoot, and my first time working around Treasure Island. There are a number of good spots, many of them near the dock. When I arrived and waited for the bride and groom to come out, there were plenty of candids to capture, plus her friends wanted to get together for a few “formals.” Reception at Kahunaville in TI, away from the bar where there were drinking/mixing competitions later in the evening. The couple was comfortable and willing to do anything I requested. Overall, they seemed to like formal shots the most, but for the reception they wanted it to be very candid and informal.

The bride’s friends (fun people make great photos):

After formals I took the couple out to the dock area, making a few stops here and there, including just by the doors.

The Wynn was a pretty good backdrop, but a big challenge for me to light the couple (who was in the shade while the Wynn was in direct sun) without having a stand and light exactly where I wanted it to strike them. Still, I think the photos came out pretty good.

The bride’s shoes had to be removed after a short while – many brides now bring a second pair of much more comfortable shoes for wearing after the ceremony.

At Kahunaville, I got some details and did general candid coverage. The couple wanted it to be very informal, but some guests insisted that they at least share a piece of the “cake.”

Sons are always good subjects:

And yes, by all means look interested…