My First Baptism – January 25, 2009

I’ve worked with children a few times before, but this was my first baptism. I embarrassed myself a little this time: I got to the location there early as usual (a catholic church in this case), and talked to two separate people asking where it would be best to place my umbrellas and light stands in order to not interfere with proceedings. They both directed me to the outer edges of a central location, which was fine with me. Then I saw the priest looking through glass windows at those big black and white things on stands near the altar, and I already knew then…he didn’t want them there. No huge surprise at that point. So, I moved my stands to the leftmost pews well out of the way, set all three of my sunpak flashes as high as my stands would go, and pointed them directly at the ceiling to give some additional fill to the room. Well, it worked, and the parents were very happy with the results.

No, she almost never took her fingers out of her mouth! Until…

Then right back in again!

And out one last time, just for me: