December 28, 2008 – Wedding Photography for Djay’s Entertainment

This was a vow renewal for a middle eastern couple, and I was contracted by Djay’s Entertainment for this one. I’ve worked for them several times in the past, and they are always good to me; in return, I give them lots of photos! The bride was the most model-like bride I’ve ever worked with, and she had fashion and glamour modeling experience that showed itself in her natural body poses and expressions. They also hired makeup artist Christine Copeland, which I understand to be one of the best in Las Vegas. As a result, I ended up with plenty of portfolio material from this job. These are easily some of the best shots I’ve done, but so much of it was the environment, the makeup, and the shining bride.

These photos are all pre-reception. I may add others later.

This is both my favorite shot of the set and one of the best I’ve ever done, I think: