Ben & Melissa, – Dec 22, 2008 – Wedding Photography in Las Vegas

A very fun couple, a very simple and elegant wedding dress. This shoot forced me to really work at catching some of the opportunities for good shots around the Mandalay Bay resort, since we spent about 2 hours there. I now have greater respect for that resort, both for its numerous great places to shoot and for its generally photography-friendly management.

Actually, they eloped, and ran to Vegas just to get married. They hired me to help capture the memories of this very special occasion. I found out that Melissa had brought a purse that had been given to her by her mother…who had eloped herself and brought that very same purse with her at the time!

Mandalay Bay’s registration area has a very large windowed wall looking out towards the resort’s inner garden areas. It made for a few great shots.

Planned, but semi-candid photo walking down the stairs:

It was impossible to get her to have exactly the same expression she once had when looking off in the distance; she kept laughing instead!

They had to wait a very long time at the chapel before everything was arranged and the ceremony could take place. In the mean time, we had a little fun by the door.