Clara & Chuck – Dec 14, 2008 – Wedding Photography in Las Vegas

Another great couple with an idea I hadn’t yet done before: Ghost town! We all do a few shoots at ghost towns at some point, and this was fun. Clara was very creative and had many ideas already pre-planned, but there were lots of add-on ideas and I made several requests. My personal favorites are the haystack shot and her alone walking down the street.

After a brief stop at the Vegas sign, we went out toward Nelson, NV.

Did I mention they were extremely playful, perhaps a little more than usual?

One of my favorites:

My other favorite:

We had parted ways and were leaving Nelson, when I thought of an idea. I think (but don’t hold me to it) that they had mentioned being in the headlights of a truck on a shot at some point, but we hadn’t done anything like that in Nelson. At a corner where the 165 meets the 95, there was a large area of flat gravel. It was night by this time and freezing outside! I set up flashes near the headlights of the truck and elsewhere, then had the bride & groom freestyle in the front. This is one of my picks from that: