October 19, 2008 – First Full Wedding Set Online

This is my first start-to-finish assortment of wedding photos processed specifically for my blog/portfolio.

The couple didn’t really want any photos of them getting ready (not everyone does), but I captured just about everything else. This was one of my favorite weddings thus far. The bride picked out the colors for many of the details, including the bridesmaids’ dresses, boutonnieres, bouquet, and overall theme. Every time I would tell the groom how nice this or that was, he’d say “it was her idea…”

Starting with the singer for the ceremony…

Along with a few details just before the ceremony begins

The groom waiting for everything to begin

The ring bearer and flower girl, not knowing what to do when they’re supposed to walk the aisle – the boy finally understood, but no amount of coaxing was enough for the girl. She had to be carried.

The bride with her father

Bridesmaids in autumn colors

The bride, during the ceremony

Holding hands, and the kiss

A quiet walk down the aisle, and out to drive a little deeper into red rock for formal shots

Some shots among the desert scape before the reception

Time to go inside and begin the reception. First, a few details, guest book and the cake

First dance

Then, others join in

Time to cut the cake

The bouquet toss

And the grand exit with people surrounding:

They weren’t allowed to throw rice at this particular spot because there was a major pest issue with birds, and so the scene had to be recreated behind the building.