Meghan & Erick – July 26, 2008 – Wedding Photography in Las Vegas

The wedding took place at The Grand Terrace. I met them early and had plenty of time to get detail shots and lots of getting-ready photos for both of them. The groom was wearing pink bowtie and vest with dark brown suit, something I hadn’t seen before. Both of them were amazing dancers (as were their parents); I’ve never seen anyone get out on the dance floor and be so masterful before.

These shots are all pre-ceremony, starting with a few details:

Meghan getting ready:

Mom helping with the garter:

Erick getting prepared:

A gift from the groom, to be opened later (I never found out what it was):

Did I mention grandpa forgot his pants? But Erick saved the day by rushing out and buying a new pair before the ceremony.

The groom is ready:

And the bride is totally ready.

Let the ceremony begin..